Endolite Linx Training

October 31st 2017

Brownfield’s prosthetists are now trained and certified on the Endolite Linx system. Every element is part of a design whole that balances energy, posture and sensation for a truly captivating walking experience. The revolution is the master controller that coordinates the Linx response so the different parts work together in…

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Fundamentals of Excellence Conference

October 12th 2017

Tom Padilla C.P.O., Laura Clary and Patti Gray-Nice attended this conference. This conference was designed specifically to help everyone within our organization understand what we must focus on in order to build a high performing organization that is sustainable in the evolving healthcare environment. 


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AOPA World Congress

September 6th 2017

Tom Padilla C.P.O.  and Ron Lanning C-PED attended this year's AOPA world congress. 

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