Administrative Coordinator

Job Summary:
The most important function of this employee is the efficient and caring treatment of Brownfield’s patients. He/she must provide excellent customer service to the patient who has arrived for a scheduled appointment, seeks care without an appointment, and/or calls for information. This employee will often be the first contact for new patients, caregivers, and referring physicians, therefore must demonstrate a courteous and professional attitude at all times. The administrative coordinator must be able to handle a variety of difficult tasks simultaneously in a busy demanding environment.

Job Requirements:
The coordinator must have high standards of customer service and patient care. It is important that this employee have excellent keyboarding skills (a minimum of 50 words per minute is required), organizational skills, effective verbal and written communication skills, computer expertise, and the ability to multitask, be a team player, and be able to work with little supervision.  A high school degree or equivalent is required and experience working in an office is helpful for success in this position. It is critical that the administrative coordinator understand the importance of confidentiality and patient rights, handle all contacts in a professional and courteous manner and within the policies, procedures, and guidelines of the company. The Administrative Coordinator must have strong office computer experience.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Open business: turn on the electric door, remove the phone from the      forwarding service, open faxes, print/forward and file in appropriate folders, check voicemail and relay messages. 
2.    Check-in patients: have new patients and any patients with outdated information fill out a Patient Information sheet and sign the billing policy. Make a copy and or scan insurance card(s), collect the prescription, and instruct the patient on HIPAA requirements.  Input patient information into the computer and notating an alert if pre-auth is needed. Check Medicaid eligibility and if Healthy Connections, scan the referral and place in the patients folder. Check each patient into the computer and page the correct Practitioner when all of the previous steps have been completed. 
3.    Provide customer service to patients and in-coming phone calls, screen solicitations.
4.    Schedule appointments and send out new patient information packets.       Send for Healthy Connections referrals and diabetic shoe bills to the patient’s physician’s office. 
5.    Be sure that the HIPPA form is digitally signed or signed and scanned.
6.    Maintain front office fax/copy/printer.  
7.    Take hospital call orders and fill out the necessary paperwork. Page out to staff and input patient information into Opie.  Schedule the off-site appointment 
8.    Organize and maintain the office and reception area. Do this throughout the day. Straighten and shuffle magazines in the exam rooms on a regular basis. Check the cups and the coffee for refilling.  Offer a beverage.
9.    Copy and or scan forms and documents when requested.
10.    Call taxis and drivers for patients when requested.
11.    Process outgoing mail and be knowledgeable of postal regulations and guidelines.
12.    Sign for incoming deliveries such as Federal Express and office supplies.
13.    Direct patients to Boutique/bathroom/and courtesy phone. 
14.    Organize, tag, and document shoe repairs and modifications of braces when delivered by patients. Have the patient fill the out paperwork and enter into the computer.  Set an appt. as a drop off and place the item on the appropriate practitioners’ bench. Once the item is complete, set an appointment as a pick up and make sure the delivery receipt and the product is put on the hall shelf.  Notify the patient.
15.    Provide patients with a reminder call and categorize results into the computer.  Call patients to schedule appointments when necessary.  Check patients’ files for the next day’s scheduled appointments.
16.    Close the business at 5:00pm.  Put the phone on forward to the answering service.  Close the blinds and turn off the lamps.  
17.    Perform all other duties as assigned.

Employee Responsibilities:
1.    Practice punctuality.
2.    Exercise good- time management skills.
3.    Be able to provide coverage at any of our three locations.
4.    Able to travel to other sites with little or no notice.
5.    Show a positive attitude toward co-workers, patients, and management. 
6.    Maintain high standards of housekeeping.
7.    Follow all company policies and procedures. 
8.    Maintain good communications with the office administrator.

1.    Abide by safety procedures and become aware of Brownfield’s placement of the OSHA safety handbook as well as where safety items are placed.
2.    Notify management of any safety concerns.

If interested, please contact Crystal Hartmann:
Phone number: 208-342-4659

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